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Simple switch introduction offer 13.00. Just drill 7mm hole put a little wax on the head of the bolt and glue in the body then seal around with acrylic glue or epoxy. 
Tighten the screw to turn on loosen to turn off.
Screw can be left in when off.





For all you Nitro junkies. Problem starting with your 1.2volt glow stick not glowing bright enough on your heavy duty glow plug.

A traditional 2v dry lead acid battery is what you need.

All in a box with 10 amp meter.
Most colours available 38.

2.4 Twin Antenna. I use 2 antennas in one tube. Fold the last 25mm down each side of the tube and push on 30mm silicon cap.

This system has worked perfectly for many years and using the longer antenna gets them above the tuned pipe.15cm above deck.